Open Redirect Vulnerability in Substack


Substack had a open redirect vulnerability in their login flow which would have allowed an attacker to facilitate phishing attacks. The vendor has deployed a fix for this issue.

Vulnerability Details

Substack is an online platform that allows users to create and operate free and paid subscription newsletters. This platform had an open redirect vulnerability in its login flow which would redirect users to any sites after login completed. This could have been used by an attacker to facilitate phishing attacks targeting Substack users and steal their credentials.

The vulnerability was due to the fact that the “redirect parameter” in the login flow wasn’t been validated to make sure that the redirect only goes to a specific set of URLs. The attacker could specify their own redirect URL as follows:

See screenshots below:

Vendor Response

Once a correct reporting channel was established, the issue was reported to the vendor and a fix was deployed limited the redirect parameter to Substack-specific URLs.


CWE: CWE-601: URL Redirection to Untrusted Site (‘Open Redirect’)

OWASP: Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards Cheat Sheet


2021-07-08: Initial contact with the vendor, asking for a correct reporting channel
2021-07-09: Initial reply received, confirming communication channe again – no response from the vendor
2021-07-13: Pinged again – no response; pinged company co-founders on Twitter
2021-07-13: Communication with the vendor re-established, technical details sent
2021-07-23: Pinged for status, no response
2021-07-29: Vendor responded that a fix has been implemented
2021-07-29: Fix confirmed, vendor pinged for disclosure coordination – no response
2021-08-22: Public disclosure