Insecure Bootstrap Process in Google’s Cloud SQL Proxy


The bootstrap process for Google’s cloud SQL Proxy CLI uses the “curl | bash” pattern and didn’t document a way to verify authenticity of the downloaded binaries. The vendor updated documentation with information on how to use checksums to verify the downloaded binaries.

Vulnerability Details

As part of our ongoing research into supply chain attacks, we have been analyzing bash installer scripts using the “curl | bash” pattern. Google provides such script used to install the Cloud SQL proxy. However, the documentation doesn’t indicate how to verify downloaded files prior to execution.

Vendor Response

The vendor updated their documentation with information on how to verify downloaded binaries via checksums.


Vendor issue tracker # 244384166


2022-08-30: Initial report to the vendor
2022-08-30: Vendor acknowledged the report
2022-09-27: Vendor rejected the report as a security issue
2023-03-03: Vendor reported that a fix has been implemented
2023-03-19: Public disclosure

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