Another Download Protection Bypass in Google Chrome – BIN files in Mac OS


BIN files on Mac OS bypass the download protection mechanism offered by Google’s Chrome browser. This was reported and fixed by the vendor, then pushed via a component update to users in March 2019.


The Chrome and Chromium browsers are an open-source based web browser offered by Google. Among it’s features it includes a safety feature that detects unsafe downloads to protect the user. This feature works in multiple ways but is controlled via a file in Chrome’s source code (“download_file_types.asciipb”). Additional background details can be found in our earlier post. We had previously reported multiple instances of download protection bypass in Chrome to the vendor – this post describes another one that was found more recently.


The BIN file extension on Mac OS is opened by default via the Archive Mounter utility. That means that you can take a compressed file such as ZIP and rename it as a BIN file. When downloaded via Chrome, the browser will not do safety checks on this file yet the file can carry dangerous content. The root cause is the fact that the BIN file type is whitelisted as being not dangerous. This issue only affects users on Mac OS.

The vendor fixed the issue and pushed it via a component update. Users do not need to update the actual browser – as long as connectivity exists for component updates, this should be fixed automatically.


Chrome Bug Report: 933637

Bounty Information

This issue qualified for the Chrome Rewards security bounty program and a bounty has been paid.


Advisory written by Y. Shafranovich.

Timeline Summary

2019-02-19: Report submitted
2019-02-27: Vendor fix is committed
2019-03-25: Vendor fix is released to users
2019-07-02: Public disclosure


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