Advisory: Open Redirect on


A marketing server at operated an open redirect.


Google’s main AdWords landing page takes a cd parameter indicating a specific country to target, which redirects to a country-specific page. Examples of such URL are as follows:



The cd parameter which specifies the country was not checked against a valid list of values. Instead, this parameter is used to replace the “com” value in the URL with the value from the cd parameter. For example:


This can be used to redirect users to a malicious page. Example URL with malicious content:

Redirects to:

The vendor communicated that they consider this a low level attack, and do not plan to track a fix for this issue. However, we have since confirmed that this issue has been fixed prior to publication.


Google Security CID: 9–6197000008153
Google’s view on open directs:


Discovered and written by Yakov Shafranovich


2015–08–07: Vendor notified
2015–08–07: Initial vendor response
2015–08–11: Vendor replicated the issue
2015–09–05: Follow up communications with vendor
2015–09–20: Fix confirmed
2015–10–12: Public disclosure

2016–03–14: Updated disclosure posted

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